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Get Paid To Host Cocktail Parties 

Host a batched cocktail tasting session with your close friends, family, or colleagues. There is no better way to get your first sales than to let people try the cocktail batching experience for themselves!

That said there are many ways you can promote our batching products and earn commissions. Some ambassadors share photos of their first batch of cocktails. Others do short videos of their BatchBuddy opening experience and post it on social media. It’s totally up to you. 

New Skill

No Experience Needed

If you love your Batchbuddy you will need no teaching or selling qualification to become a great BatchBuddy ambassador and start earning an extra income. All that is required is the desire and passion to introduce new people to cocktail batching and the power of the BatchBuddy experience and product range.

The amazing thing is, now anyone can create and enjoy great cocktails using our batching equipment and ingredients boxes. Even if they have never made a cocktail before in their life! 


Monthly & Lifetime Commission 

Turn your love for cocktail batching into money and get up to 15% of every sale that comes through your ambassador link!

Your individual link will be available within the “My Account” Dashboard, alongside other resources including, access to our private ambassador group, exclusive ambassador offers, discounts. and giveaways. You will also find useful resources including branded content, training videos and access to the Ambassador support team at Batchbuddy HQ.


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Get Started Today And Bring The Joy Of Cocktail Batching To The Glasses Of The Masses

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Become a BatchBuddy Ambassador

Join our Ambassador program and earn commissions on each successful sale you refer.

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PRO Batcher

Cocktail Batching Ambassador Kit 

We offer an excellent ambassador kit that includes everything you need to become a Pro-Batcher and join the cocktail batching revolution.

  • Cocktail Batching Bottles X 4 
  • Cocktail garnish kit & Citrus squeezer 
  • Cocktail storage bags 
  • BatchBuddy cooler bag  
  • BatchBuddy strainer & Pouring funnel
  • BatchBuddy T-shirt 
  • Limited addition BatchBuddy hoodie 

Heres what the professionals have to say about the Bramble Batching Bottle. .

“I get asked all the time about making cocktails at home from entry level enthusiasts and I think this piece of kit could help demystify things and make it easier to make good quality drinks at home.”

“Great to see this brilliant initiative from the guys at BatchBuddy, using their years of experience to make it easier for customers to make and enjoy stunning cocktails in their own home”

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How much commission do i get paid as an Ambassador?


BatchBuddy’s ambassador program offers an initial 15% of all sales generated.

Ambassadors will receive a lifetime commission on all links sent to the customers they introduce to the BatchBuddy product range. It doesn’t matter how long it takes someone to buy on the website as long as they’re using your link, you will get paid.

Monthly Commissions 

Our cocktail batching ingredients boxes are available on a monthly, bimonthly and quarterly subscription. If a customer purchases their ingredients boxes on a subscription basis, the ambassador will receive their commission for the life of the sale. 

Commission Payments 

All payments will be made 31 days after the purchase. All payments to our Ambassadors are made through PayPal.  This can be set up and fully managed at your Ambassador Dashboard available under the My Account tab. 


Do I need experience to become a BatchBuddy Ambassador?


No, not at all, that’s the best part! The truly beautiful thing about becoming a BatchBuddy Ambassador is that all you are doing is simply introducing people to the BatchBuddy cocktail batching experience.

For many people this will be the first time they have successfully made an amazing tasting cocktail and from there all you have to do is send them your link to get started.


Do I have to buy an Ambassador kit?


It’s completely free to sign up as an ambassador and you can start sharing your ambassador link, wether you have purchased any BatchBuddy products or not.

Pro Ambassadors Batching Kit 

That said we offer our Ambassadors a Pro batching kit, this gives you everything you need to really get started with hosting great cocktail tasting events.


What does a BatchBuddy Ambassador do?


We believe the best people to help spread the word about BatchBuddy are the people who have joined the world of cocktail batching for themselves and who really love using BatchBuddy to create amazing cocktails. 

Some of the most common ways ambassadors promote their link..

These include: 

  • Hosting cocktail tasting events with friends, family and colleagues 
  • Share their link on social media with pictures and short videos 
  • Create a short BatchBuddy unboxing video to show the product off
  • Take photos or videos when creating your cocktails
  • Share the BatchBuddy branded resources available with your link

There are many ways our ambassadors help promote our product range to earn commissions, it’s really up to you!


What resources are available to help Ambassadors get started?


We our very passionate about our Ambassador program at BatchBuddy HQ. You will find a number of resources in your My Account dashboard under the Ambassador tab.

These include:

  • Your individual Ambassador link 
  • Branded content you can share
  • Access to the Ambassador group & community
  • Video and training resources
  • Top tips and case studies from other top ambassadors
How do I manage my Ambassador account and links?


After successfully signing up as a BatchBuddy Ambassador, you will have access to new tabs in your “My Account DashBoard”.

Here you will find access to your ambassador resources including:

  • Your BatchBuddy Ambassador link 
  • Information on your progress, link clicks and earnings 
  • PayPal Management so you can get paid
  • Branded BatchBuddy marketing resources to share throughout your network and social channels