How to host a Virtual Cocktail Party

It has never been easier to host your own Virtual Cocktail Party. Online meeting platforms such as Zoom, Facebook rooms, and many others have made it simple to get your friends, family, and workmates together for some fun times. We have seen quizzes, Karaoke, and even fancy-dress parties have done online. 

In this post, we will give you a full guide to planning and hosting the ultimate Virtual Cocktail Party.

Let’s get started! 


Ok, so most of us haven’t exactly had much to celebrate this year, admittedly it has been a tough one! But as we draw nearer to the end of the year, what better way is there to say goodbye to 2020 than to host a virtual cocktail party and invite your friends. 

Depending on where you are in the world and what restrictions you are facing, this will have an impact on your holiday season and party plans. Do not fear, because here at BatchBuddy we are gonna solve your “nightmare before Christmas” and have you and your friends or workmates whipping up some amazing cocktails in no time!

Man planing virtual cocktail party


Below is a list of options we would recommend for hosting your virtual cocktail party.

Man setting up virtual party space

Invite your guests

Invite the lucky guests to your party and send them a link to pick up their own cocktail kits

Man having zoom cocktail party with friends


Just like if your where hosting a party in person, make your virtual night one to remember 


Trying to organise and host a virtual party can take a little time and effort. That said, it can be a lot of fun at the same time with great rewards for you and your friends.

Man invite friends with BatchBuddy batching kit

Follow the simple checklist below and you will be off to a flyer! 


Pick a Date

It’s time to make it real! Pick a time and date that you feel will work for the majority of your guests. Maybe give your guests a few options to choose from


Select your online meeting space

You will find many different options when it comes to online meeting platforms, in the section above you will find the ones we recommend using for a number of reasons. You can host your virtual cocktail party on any of them for free.  

  • Remember that not everyone is as tech savvy as you – keep it simple 
  • Leave plenty of time to get everyone organised on the night
  • Choose a well known and easy to use platform to host your party 


Choose a theme for your virtual cocktail party

Now that you have picked your date, chosen the meeting platform, It’s time to get creative with your virtual party ideas. We have listed a few of our favourites here at BatchBuddy HQ below.

  • Create a good Quiz        
  • Fancy dress theme 
  • Netflix watch party 
  • Good old fashioned karaoke 


Here are some links to a few fun resources we found online, that are sure to give you some great ideas for a virtual cocktail party you will never forget!

1.    41 Memorable Virtual Birthday Party Ideas For Celebrating In 2020 ( By snacknation.com )

2.    10 Fun Games to Play on Zoom ( By Goodhousekeeping.com )

3.    13 Brilliant Zoom Party Hacks ( By Buzzfeed.com )


Send your virtual party invites.

All of the recommended platforms above have tools that allow you to invite your guests by sending them a link through email or social media  


Send your guests 10% off voucher for their cocktail batching equipment.

Let your guests know where they can get their own cocktail batching kit. Use the invite your friends tool above and send your guests a 10% discount code they can use on any of our cocktail batching equipment on the BatchBuddy store.  Of course, we will also send you a discount code for 10% off your batching equipment too. 

You can send, manage invites and get your own discount code from your My Accounts Page 


Give your guests all the information they will need well in advance

Let guests know what else they may need to get fully involved with your virtual partyMaybe you have a special spotify playlist they will need for the night. Whatever it is be sure to let them know in plenty of time 

Items you may want to suggest: 

  • Cocktail batching kits & Ingredients 
  • Glassware, ice & garnishes  
  • Food or nibbles 
  • Party props 


Test it all works before the big day 

The beauty about hosting your cocktail parties online is that you can test everything is working before the big day. Grab one of your friends and set up a quick test party so you can be sure everything is working just how you want it to.

Things we would test include: 

  • Sending your guest invite links 
  • Try out the hosting space 
  • Make sure your audio and camera are working  


Prepare yourself to be the host! and have fun!

There are a few things you can do in advance that can really add to the quality of your virtual cocktail party and ensure it is an online event to remember.

BatchBuddy suggests:

  • Plan fun and interactive party games 
  • Have a fun picture as your meeting room background  
  • Create a playlist of music or festive tunes  


BatchBuddy allows you to take your online party hosting to the next level with a Virtual Cocktail Party. Check out our range of cocktail batching bottles, these take all the pain of making great cocktails away. Not only that, but we can supply you with all the ingredients required to make your virtual cocktail party a seasonal success. All this in one place!

Girl having a zoom cocktail party

 Whether you need all of the ingredients for your cocktails or just one of the items, we have you covered.  Simply choose your favourite cocktail then just select which of our premium products you want to add to your shopping cart.


Invite guests to get 10% OFF All cocktail batching Equipment

Use the invite friends tool below and both you and your guests will receive a 10% Off Voucher Code for use on your first order of any of our cocktail batching equipment.

You can also send and manage invites from your My Accounts Page 

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Choose a Platform to host your Virtual Party

Man setting up virtual party space

Recently it has got much easier to host and manage online events, in a big part due to the options now available for online meeting spaces as a result of the covid restrictions. Below you will find a list of the 4 platforms that we recommend at BatchBuddy for hosting a virtual cocktail party.

All options on our list met the following criteria: 

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable Service 
  • Features to invite your guests 
  • Work’s on majority of devices 
  • Free to use 

Our Recommend Online Meeting platforms

Zoom icon


Zoom is perfect if your plan is to host a virtual party with larger numbers. You can host up to 100 people per room. Zoom has paid options but its free features are enough to get the party started.

skype icon


Skype has been around for nearly as long as the classic video call itself. It is a great choice for parties up to 50 guests and it can be used on multiple device types making it easy to get started

Facebook Rooms Icon

Facebook Rooms

Facebook Rooms is one of the newer players to the virtual meeting space scene. That said, almost everyone knows how to use Facebook and they have made it easy to share your event using all their familiar sharing tools including Messenger

google hangout icon

Google Hangouts 

Google Hangouts is a well known and reliable option. Most people have a Gmail or YouTube account, so it’s easy to get your guests set-up and ready to participate. Google Hangouts is free and you can host up to 25 guests per session.