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How To Make The Perfect Bramble

How to make the perfect bramble cocktail

The Bramble is one of our favorites here at BatchBuddy HQ. How would we know? well have been making these gin and blackberry liqueur based beauties for what seems like an eternity now, We’d say we are well into the tens of thousands at this point . The Bramble really is the cocktail for all occasions, perfect for a hot summer’s day and just as good as sitting in front of an autumnal open fire.   

In this little piece we will show you everything you need to know about how to make the perfect Bramble cocktail.

Let’s get started Batchers! 

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What Is A Bramble?

This is a contemporary classic created by the “godfather” of modern-day bartending the late Mr Dick Bradsell in Fred’s Club (Soho, London). He created this classic in the 1980s, and It is believed that Dick’s inspiration for this drink came from summers spent on the Isle of Wight, where he would pluck the blackberries straight from the bramble bushes.

Bramble cocktail in a glass

“The Bramble is a refreshing combination of your favourite gin livened with the clean invigorating burst of freshly squeezed lime juice, all tied together with the luxurious sweetness of blackberry liqueur.”

How to make the perfect Bramble cocktail - 3 ways

You will have heard the saying “there is more than one way to skin a cat” well the same goes for the delicious Bramble cocktail. Well, we are animal lovers here at BatchBuddy so there will be no cat skinning, however we have to admit many juicy blackberries were harmed in the making of this blog.

The traditional method of making a Bramble uses the shaker, strainer, measures method that you will be familiar with seeing in most bars and restaurants. That however is just one of the ways you can achieve a great Bramble cocktail. Let us talk you through that and a couple more methods…

Bramble batching bottle with drink

Batching Bottle

Difficulty: Walk in the park

Measuring jug for making bramble cocktails

Jug Method

Difficulty: Straightforward 

cocktail shaker and bramble cocktail

Traditional method

Difficulty: Tricky

Bramble Ingredients Calculator

Below you can use our Bramble Cocktail Batching Calculator to work out all of the ingredients you will need to get together, regardless of what method you choose when creating your Brambles.  

Measuring jug for making bramble cocktails

Bramble Batching Recipe

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Enter Number of Cocktails 1 👇 See below for final totals 👇

Equipment you will need

Measuring jug
Measuring Jug
Citrus Squeezer with lime
Citrus Squeezer
Set of scales
Set of Scales


  • 35 ml Gin
  • 20 ml Blackberry Liqueur
  • 25 ml Fresh Lime Juice
  • 15 ml Simple Syrup
  • 25 ml Water ( Batching Method Only )


  • 2 Blackberrires
  • 1 Lime Disc

Total Estimated Batch Cost: £2.08

    Cocktail Batching Instructions 

    Batching Method Instructions

    • Gather together your Ingredients
      Pre mesure each one of your ingredients
      Bramble ingredients and batching equipment
    • Make your simple syrup
      Using a set of scales, weigh 7.5 grams of sugar and 7.5 grams of water, add to a jug and stir until sugar is dissolved.
      Check out our simple syrup video tutorial https://www.batchbuddy.co.uk
      Water been added to a jug with sugar in it
    • Squeeze your fresh lime juice
      Squeeze 1.2 fresh limes, strain with fine (tea) strainer and store in a clean container.
    • Batch your ingredients
      Add each of your ingredients to your batching jug and cover.
      Bramble been made in a jug
    • Chill your Cocktails
      Place your batched cocktails into the fridge until chilled (approx 2.5 hours)
      Brambles been chilled in the fridge
    • Ice your glass
      Fill an old fashioned glass with cubed ice and pour your delicious cocktail over the ice. Be sure to leave a little room (approximately a fingers width) in your glass to allow for a garnish
      glasses with ice for brambles
    • Pour your cocktails & Garnish your cocktails
      Garnish each drink with 2 fresh Blackberries and a lime disc. They look particularly awesome skewered on a fancy little garnish pin.
      Brambles been poured into glasses and served
    • Relax and enjoy your Brambles
      Well done!
      People enjoying cocktails around a table

    What Ingredients Should I Use To Make A Bramble?

    Below are the premium ingredients we recommend for best results when making the classic Bramble cocktail. Feel free to change the brands up and try different combinations of products. You can even swap the lime juice for lemon juice if you want.

    The estimated cost per cocktail is £2.10 , but this is relative to the cost of the products you decide to use.

    The cost per cocktail is estimated using freshly squeezed lime juice and homemade simple syrup. The booze products are priced based on the latest prices from our BatchBuddy Alcohol Store and are accurate as of September 2020.

    Bottle of Beefeater Gin


    Creme de mure

    Blackberry Liqueur

    Lime juice in bottle

    Lime Juice

    Jug of water with blow of sugar

    Sugar Syrup 

    Use Alternative Ingredients when making The Bramble

    Like we said don’t be afraid to mix it up with the different types of gins and blackberry liqueurs out there, you could create the next big favorite!

    You don’t even need to stop there. Why not completely change things up and swap out the gin for another spirit like rum or vodka? (we would suggest sticking to the white spirits for this). Changing the blackberry liqueur for another type of berry liqueur can produce some interesting results too. Be sure to let us know what you think of our suggestions in the comments below. 

    Shortcross Gin

    Go Super Premium 

    On special occasions batch with your favourite top quality Gin, go on spoil yourself.


    Bottle of Bacardi

    Replace the Gin

    Technically, it’s not a Bramble anymore but we won’t tell anyone

    Blackberries and sugar with jug

    Make Blackberry Syrup

    Supercharge your simple syrup by making our delicious blackberry syrup  

    How To Serve The Perfect Bramble

    Now that you have made your batch of Brambles it’s time to add the finishing touches. When it comes to the Bramble, it looks marvellous in an old fashioned glass, these are also sometimes called rocks or whiskey glasses. Fill your glass to the top with good quality cubed ice, do not cut the corners with the amount of ice. If you have a garnish pin, add two blackberries either side of a lime disc and place it neatly on top of your ice, close to the edge of the glass. If you don’t then simply place your blackberries and lime disc bunched together on top of the ice close to the edge of the glass. 

    Old fashioned class for cocktails


    Best served in a old fashioned glass 

    Old fashioned glass with ice


    Fill your glass with good quality cubed ice

    Bramble cocktail with garnish icons


    Lime disc and 2 fresh blackberries

    Bramble with garnish

    Serve and Enjoy!

    Finished Cocktail

    Alternative Ways To Serve The Bramble

    If you don’t have a set of Old Fashioned glasses or a fancy Garnish Kit don’t worry, The ways to serve the Bramble that complement this tasty cocktail are limitless. Below are a few cool ideas for alternative ways you could serve a batch of Brambles.

    Be sure to send us a picture if you think your batch of Brambles looks impressive. We might even replace one of the images below with your picture! Just post it in the comments below.  

    Tea Pot & Cups 

    You can probably find a cool little set in your local charity shop if there is not some laying about the house already. 


    Punch Bowl

    Why not try a Bramble punch, with, fresh blackberries and lime discs mixed though. All served with a cool little ladle.

    Keep It Simple

    When serving large numbers, less can often be more. If you are using disposable cups, use the ECO Friendly options 


    By now you should be an expert in batching the late Dick Bradsell’s refreshing creation no matter whether you need to make two or two hundred of these blackberry liqueur and gin-based  beauties. 

    We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about the interesting history of this classic cocktail, The Bramble. If you have an interesting Bramble batching tail to tell or have your take on how it should be served, be sure to let us know in the comments below. We would also love to hear your suggestions on what classic cocktails you would like us to cover next. What is your favorite classic cocktail?

    Happy Batching!

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Bramble

    What Ingredients are in a Bramble?

    Listed below you will find the premium ingredients we recommend for the best results when making the classic Bramble cocktail.

    Estimated cost per cocktail: £2.10

    Ingredients 1 Cocktail10 Cocktails50 Cocktails
    Gin35ml350ml1.75 Lt
    BlackBerry Liqueur20ml200ml1 Lt
    lime Juice25ml250ml1.25 Lt
    Simple Syrup15ml150ml750ml

    The cost per cocktail is includes the use of fresh ingredients i.e. lime juice and simple syrup. The spirits and liqueurs are priced using the latest prices from BatchBuddy Alcohol Store .

    What is difference between Crème de Mure, Crème de Cassis and Chambord?

    Listed below you will find a brief overview of the differences between Crème de Mure, Crème de Cassis and Chambord. The type of liqueur you choose will have an impact on the flavour of your final cocktail.

      FlavourAlcohol Volume
    Crème de MureBlackberry18%
    Crème de CassisBlackcurrant25%
    Chambord Black Raspberry16.5%


    How strong or boozy does the Bramble taste?

    The Bramble cocktail sits around the mid-range when it comes to perceived alcohol content or how boozy it tastes. It has a well rounded flavour and a great balance which means the alcohol doesn’t lead the way. It doesn’t pack as big a punch as a Negroni or a Manhattan when it comes to perceived booziness, but then again you will definitely feel it’s kick more than a white wine spritzer. 

    Can I use any gin when making a Bramble?

    The simple answer is yes…

    That said each different style or type of gin will bring its own flavour profile to the party. We recommend that you use the London dry style of gin as thats the style that was used in the drink’s inception. It also works well because the flavour profile doest bring too many big flavours. You can of course go off the reservation and experiment with different styles gin that maybe emphasise a particular botanical’s flavour. It really is up to you. A simple tip would be to keep the ABV of the gin you decide on above 37.5%, do this and you will have lots of fun experimenting. 

    Do I have to use Gin in a Bramble?

    Well yes…. otherwise technically the drink you make isn’t a Bramble.

    Don’t let that put you off though, you can still make some delicious cocktails by swapping out the Gin for another spirit. The general rule is to only switch a white spirit in this case Gin with another white spirit such as white Rum or Vodka. But here at BatchBuddy we aren’t big on the rules and find that some aged Rums and Tequilas are equally delicious. The big thing here is to find a taste that you are happy with then who cares what its called. 

    How do I make simple syrup?

    With this one it really is all in the name…..SIMPLE

    Simple syrup is 50% sugar (we recommend caster/fine sugar) and 50% water 

    • Simply weigh out a specific amount of sugar e.g. 500g 
    • Weigh the same amount of water (warm but not boiling works best)
    • Combine both in a non-reactive container 
    • Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved
    • Strain using a tea strainer if there are any undissolved clumps
    • Store in a sterilised bottle in the fridge for up to 3 months 
    What is Blackberry Liqueur?

    Liqueur: [noun] a strong, sweet alcoholic drink that is usually drunk in small amounts at the end of a meal

    But that doest really help use when we are talking about cocktails. Liqueurs are usually a spirit base with added flavours this can be in the form of different fruits, herbs and spices among other things. Blackberry liqueur as you can imagine is flavoured with blackberries and is often referred to by its french name Crème de mûre.   

    Liqueurs are generally lower in alcohol content than spirits however there are exceptions to that rule. Higher sugar content is also usually associated with liqueurs.