Our Story


Damian and John have been involved in the cocktail world for more than 15 years each, training, competing and innovating in all aspects of the increasing vibrant mixology scene. Throughout these years of perfecting their craft one unassuming technique was called upon time after time…. Batching!

Batching is the technique of making multiple servings of a particular cocktail at one time. The guys at BatchBuddy have been using “batching” in all sorts of cocktails, from 50 servings of the cocktail of the week at any number of busy cocktail bars to 1500 Cosmos at a live music event. Batching ensures quality, consistency and saves a bucket load of time. It’s just makes cocktails easy. Oh, and did we mention you don’t need all the fancy pants cocktail equipment like measures, shakers, strainers and the like?

So, they got to thinking, why isn’t everybody batching their cocktails? Why are people constantly struggling with that cocktail shaker that they got for their last birthday? How do we make it easy for everybody to get involved in the batching revolution?

Well now we have…. Ladies and gentlemen……. BatchBuddy!