Cocktail shaker and jug

Three Different Ways To Make Cocktails

Here at BatchBuddy we have been making cocktails for many years. We have created cocktails for all sorts of occasions including private dining, weddings and even batching hundreds of cocktails for large events. So, lets just say we have learned a thing or two about the best methods you can call upon to make cocktails. These methods are dependent on the type of cocktails you want to make and for what occasion they are intended. Let us take you through it.     

In this post we will show you that regardless of your level of experience or what cocktail equipment you have access to making amazing cocktails is much easier than you think.

Let’s jump right in Batchers! 

3 ways to make High Quality cocktails

You will have heard the saying “there is more than one way to skin a cat” well the same goes for making delicious cocktails and well we are animal lovers here at BatchBuddy so there will be no cat skinning, however we have to admit many juicy blackberries were harmed in the making of this blog.

The traditional method of making a cocktail uses the shaker, strainer, measures method that you will be familiar with seeing in most bars and restaurants. However, that is just one of the ways you can achieve a great cocktail. Let us talk you through that and a couple more methods…

Bramble Batching Bottle

Batching Bottle

Difficulty: Easy

Measuring jug

Jug Method

Difficulty: Straightforward 

Cocktail equipment

Traditional method

Difficulty: Tricky

Here is our overview of the different methods you might want to consider before you’ve even squeezed your first lime.

Traditional cocktail making equipment

Traditional Method

Trickiest Method: Measure and shake 

This is probably the most well known method to make most cocktails. However, it can be the hardest way to achieve a great cocktail and here is why…  

There are many factors that need to be considered when deciding to measure and shake a cocktail. First up is the recipe. You will need a good recipe and there are a mind-boggling number of different versions out there.

The next variable you will have to negotiate is how will you measure your ingredients thimble, Japanese, conical, Leopold to name just a few types of measures each with differing levels of difficulty of use. After you have made your way through those decisions the next big variable is the shake and shaker. What shaker? How much ice? What way do I shake? All of these considerations will have an effect on your final cocktail.

If you get it right, you will be drinking some awesome cocktails but for the cocktail novice it’s probably not the place we would recommend starting. Oh, and you can only really fit 2-3 in a shaker at a time. I feel like a lie down after that!

Bramble ingredients been poured into cocktail shaker

Mesure Ingredients  

Girl Shaking Cocktails

Shake Well 

ramble being strained

Strain in Glass

Make & Shake your cocktails it like a pro


Find A Great Recipe 

Like we said there are endless amounts different recipes out there for the same cocktail, therefore picking the right one can be a minefield. So this is our advice, If in doubt use our recipe found here XXXX. That said if you want to shop around we would suggest using a recipe from a trusted source i.e. from someone that you have used other recipes from. The key here is find the recipe, tweak it to your taste then record it somewhere and you are all set . 


Ice Is Important  

Now we know how that sounds but ice really is important. There is saying in the cocktail world that ice is “the soul” of a drink and we can’t disagree. However don’t get too excited, all you need to remember is to buy large solid cubes. If you are making your own get yourself a decent silicone ice-cube mould that holds roughly an ounce of liquid in each compartment. There is much more to say about ice and cocktails but we will cover that in another blog.


Master Your Cocktail Shake 

This really is a lot more straightforward than some would lead you to believe. Three crucial factors impact the most on your shake. Our old friend ice, shaking time and how vigorous your shake is. Whichever cocktail shaker you are using it is important to have it at least two thirds filled with “good ice”. Timing is the next thing to consider, we would suggest shaking for between 8-10 seconds. Any less than that and you may have an under-diluted drink, shaking for longer and well, you will just have sore arms.

Finally shake your cocktail as hard as you can. A famous cocktail dude called Harry Craddock once said you should shake a cocktail like you are trying to wake it up not rock it to sleep. Enough said !

Thumbs up in Green


  • Well known method for individual cocktails
  • Precise and effective when used correctly  
Thumbs down in red


  • Tricky to find the correct recipe 
  • Can be time consuming for a small yield  
  • Not suitable for making large volume of drinks
  • Many variables must align for a successful cocktail
  • Multiple items of equipment required for this method
Measuring jug

Jug Method

Easier Method: Batching 

For many this may be your first experience with the life hack that is cocktail batching. We get it, this may seem a little daunting with all that pricey booze being bunged into a measuring jug. But let us reassure you, with a good recipe, a little patience and a steady hand you can get great results quickly!

Trust us on this one, if you get your hands on an accurate measuring jug with clearly visible increments you will be batching great cocktails in no time.

Batching with a measuring jug is particularly suited if you are batching larger numbers of cocktails, anywhere from 8 to 800 drinks will be a doddle. Just to make it even easier we have provided you with one of our awesome cocktail calculators to make planning your batch completely hassle free. Here at BatchBuddy it is all about cocktails made easy after all.

cocktails being batched with a jug

Batch Ingredients

Bramble been cooled in fridge in a jug

Chill in Fridge

Bramble been poured from a jug

Pour, Garnish & Serve

Tips when batching cocktails with a jug


Get a good quality large measuring Jug

A measuring jug that holds 2 litres at a time will suffice. The graduated markings on the jug should be every 50mls for best accuracy, but just work with what you have. We find glass or plastic the best to work with as you can easily see the level of liquid. Having one jug to measure and one jug to batch is never a bad idea either!


Save time and plan your batch 

Make a note of what ingredients you will need and pay close attention to the volume of each so that you can move quickly when you start. There nothing worse than running out of sugar half-way through a batching session. Squeeze and strain your citrus juice ahead of time and make your simple syrup in enough time for it to completely cool.


Use premium & fresh ingredients

The quality of your cocktails will invariably rest on the quality of the ingredients put in. Here at BatchBuddy we suggest you use the most premium ingredients you can afford when it comes to Booze. However, when it comes to fresh elements such as citrus juice fresh is always best or at the very least a semi-pasteurised juice will do. If your citrus juice is shelf stable it’s probably not gonna taste great. That said shelf stable alternatives to citrus can work in specific drinks, but that’s for another time.  

Thumbs up in Green


  • No need for measures or shakers 
  • Great for making large numbers of cocktails 
  • Much quicker than the traditional method 
  • Measuring jugs are easy to find
Thumbs down in red


  • You still need to find a recipe you trust
  • Not suited to smaller volumes of cocktails 
  • A steady hand and a keen eye required for accurate measuring
  • Lots of wasted booze if you make a measuring mistake 
Set of BatchBuddy Batching Bottle

Cocktail Batching Bottle

Easiest Method: The Batching Bottle

The BatchBuddy batching bottle gives you a revolutionary new tool for creating top class cocktails every time. Simply fill the bottle with your favourite ingredients to the specified line on the bottle and voila! Cocktails made easy.

Learn more

Our batching bottles allow even the most inexperienced mixologist to produce the perfect cocktail. Each batching bottle is emblazoned with an accurate fill line for each ingredient required for your cocktail. Simply fill each your bottle to those lines and let our fool proof recipe do the rest. We have provided you with two recipes on our bottles, one to be poured as soon as its chilled (Chill & Serve) and another if you want to add a little bit of flare and shake your cocktail (Shake & Serve). Welcome to the cocktail hacking revolution!

BatchBuddy batching bottle being filled


Cocktails been chilled in a fridge


Cocktails being poured from a BatchBuddy batching bottle


Tips for batching cocktails with a BatchBuddy


Choose the appropriate batching method

Choose which batching method best suits your occasion, the “Chill & Serve” or the “Shake & Serve” approach. “The Chill & Serve” method requires no shaking and is the simplest way to make a few drinks, that said it is an absolute Godsend if you are making lots of cocktails ahead of time. “Shake & Serve” allows you to use a cocktail shaker to give you or your guests a more “cocktail bar” experience, although if you are needing to shake lots cocktails you may end up with arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger by the end of the evening.



Fresh is best…  

Ok, so this isn’t exactly specific to BatchBuddy, but it is very relevant. Always use fresh ingredients where possible. Fresh ingredients such as citrus juice, fruit purees and juices will elevate your cocktails to world class standards. Trust us on this one, we’ve got your back!


And…. Relax… 

Now that you have saved yourself so much time by using your BatchBuddy Batching Bottle the only problem you have now is to work out what to do with all that spare time. Maybe you will take that time and prep your garnishes in advance, get your glasses chilling in the fridge or just have a nap. Whatever you do just be confident that your cocktail game is on point!  

Thumbs up in Green


  • Easy to use, even if it is your first time making cocktails! 
  • Guarantees drink consistency with every cocktail served 
  • Used for both batching and shaking methods
  • Batch large numbers of cocktails easily ahead of time  
Thumbs down in red


  • Not everyone has one!
  • Limited to making one cocktail type per batching bottle


Choose your method and follow our tips

Depending on your experience all of the above methods will get you making great cocktails, just choose the approach that suits your level experience and occasion best. Remember, plan ahead to ensure you have everything you need for those delicious drinks. Ice is important, large solid cubes are great for cocktails. When it comes to booze use the best you can afford and likewise when it comes to citrus, fruit juices and purees etc always use fresh produce. Follow these simple guidelines and you wont go far wrong.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Cocktails

What is the easiest way to make cocktails?

Well for us the by far the easiest way to produce great and consistent cocktails is using a BatchBuddy batching bottle. Then again we are biased…. but just read the above blog and decide for yourself   

What is cocktail batching?

Simply put, batching cocktails is the process of producing multiple cocktails in one batch that can then be divided to serve many identical cocktails. Many factors dictate how each cocktail is batched, it’s not just a case of multiplying a recipe and bunging it all in a big container.

How do I choose what method to use when making cocktails?

Use the method that best suits your skill level and your budget. Maybe you don’t have all the equipment needed to use the shaker method, in that case the jug method could work for you. If you don’t have a great recipe you can trust using a BatchBuddy batching bottle is definitely the way to go. see the blog above for details of the methods.

Why do we add water to a batched cocktail recipe?

When we shake or stir a cocktail over ice it not only chills the drink, but it also adds water (dilution) to the cocktail. This is a hugely important factor when creating a quality cocktail. The addition of water impacts the flavour and goes a long way towards making a cocktail not just palatable but delicious.

When we are batching cocktails we don’t shake or stir the batch over ice and therefore need to add our own dilution. We calculated the correct amount of water for each of our BatchBuddy batching bottles and that’s reflected with our water fill line.