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COcktails made easy

Join The Cocktail Batching Revolution!

Making great cocktails has just been made easy with BatchBuddy. We have developed a new range of smart cocktail batching bottles and ingredients boxes that guarantee amazing tasting cocktails every single time, even if you have no experience at all. 

Step 1 

Order Batching Bottle & Ingredients Box

Step 2

Fill your BatchBuddy to the lines and cool 

Step 3 

Enjoy amazing cocktails every time! 


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Classic Cocktail Recipes

Choose from some of the world’s most popular and delicious classic cocktail recipes.

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Easy To Use

No experience needed to deliver consistently amazing cocktails from the very first serve.

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Save Time

Batch multiple cocktails in the same amount of time it would take to make one the traditional way.

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The Perfect Gift 

Gift someone the ability to actually make their favourite cocktails instantly.

Best Selling cocktail Batching Bottles

Cocktail Hacking

You Can Make World Class Cocktails! 

It doesn’t matter if you have never made a cocktail before with a little help from a BatchBuddy you will making delicious classic cocktails to be enjoyed by you and your friends anytime you wish.

It’s so easy…

  • Simply choose your favourite cocktail batching bottle…
  • Pick up the premium ingredients box that goes with it…
  • Then enjoy those world class cocktails in the comfort or your own home.

Most Popular Cocktail Ingredients Boxes

£35.00 available on subscription
£35.00 available on subscription
£35.00 available on subscription
£35.00 available on subscription

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